Cork/Rubber Yoga Mat


An eco-conscious yoga mat: Organically Antibactieral. Environmentally-friendly. Recyclable and biodegradable


Experience the epitome of eco-consciousness with our Cork Rubber Yoga Mat, a sustainable choice crafted from the bark of cork trees. This mat offers the ultimate comfort and grip. Feel the energies of the Earth with the Myga Yoga Mat.

Engineered for peak performance, the remarkable natural properties of cork enhances your grip, particularly when you break a sweat. It is water resistant.

Appropriate for yoga styles such as Vinyasa flows, Hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga, this mat is effortlessly portable and can easily rest atop another mat for extra cushioning during your practice.

Make your yoga experience greener and more enjoyable with our Cork Rubber Yoga Mat.

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Weight 1,7 kg


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