VIN Lemoncello

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Made from our Garden in Tuscany. Crafted by our VIN artisans.

✓ Highest quality ingredients
✓ Homemade
✓ No artificial colouring

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Our VIN Lemoncello features a distinct fresh lemon flavour that penetrates the tongue. Our Lemons are handpicked from our garden, and treated with the utmost delicate care throughout the process to ensure the flavours and aromas shine through.

We aimed to create the perfect disgestif. This liqueur boasts a vibrant, intense yellow hue, derived solely from the essence of lemon peels. Its flavor is undeniably centered around the refreshing and embracing notes of lemon, always in perfect equilibrium, never overpowering, offering a precise and subtly sweet lemony essence.

Experience our VIN Lemoncello at our VIN Ristorante!

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Weight 1,554 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

200ml, 700ml


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