VIN Olive Oil

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Made from our Garden in Tuscany. Crafted by our VIN artisans.

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✓ 100% natural
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Our VIN Olive Oil features a rich and deep flavour. Our Olives are handpicked from our garden and treated with the utmost delicate care throughout the process to ensure the flavours and aromas shine through.

Nestled atop the slanted hills around our hotel, our olive trees benefit from favorable ventilation. Added with our nutrient-rich clay soil, we create a distinct fresh and “fruity” flavour, a strong taste annd olive aroma. The high percentage of polyphenols present gives a strong and perfectly balanced palette with an intense green colour

The harvesting process follows the ancient Tuscan traditions. We begin our harvest in the second half of October, the fruits are picked exclusively by hand, and at the end brought directly to the mill. Through a meticulous processing, we maintain high standards at the flavours stay unchanged, and our oil is born. We keep our product in a stone wall room, enabling us to treat our product with consistent temperate and protected from light. Lastly our oil is bottled in clay bottles to make sure the flavours are as intense as when we first bottled the oil.

Experience our VIN Olive Oil at our VIN Ristorante!

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Olive Oil 500ml, Olive Oil 1000ml


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