Shower Gel Elisir D’olivo 250ml


Shampoo by Erbario Toscano, featuring Elisir D’olivo

A formula that achieves soft, voluminous, shiny hair.


All Elisir d’Olivo products contain “Tuscan IGP” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which exerts an intense nourishing and restorative activity, excellent for treating skin dryness, acts on exfoliation and chapping, giving the skin a soft and silky touch.

Made up of the highest quality of ingredients in our area in Tuscany, the Liqyuid Soap guarantees nourishment, protection and powerful anti-oxidant activity even with daily use.

The presence of a specific polysaccharide makes it possible to form a skin microfilm, which protects the hands from harmful environmental agents (air conditioning, cold, wind, saltiness).


Additional information

Weight 0,304 kg
Dimensions 18 × 7,5 × 3,5 cm


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